Customized Marketing and Sales Channels Guidelines for one EU country for Food and Beverages


A comprehensive customized guidelines for various possible channels and their characteristics for food & beverages and one selected EU country combined with 3 hours (or e.g. 3 x 1 hour) online consultations. All is tailored to your specific type of products or services.

Delivery: in 3 weeks in pdf and/or in other eformat, online consultation can be used in 3 months period after the written guidelines delivery

Notes: The price is for one EU country (on your choice) and for food & beverages. Raw ingredients or any non-packed food (e.g. fresh vegetable, fruit, sea food, meat and similar) are not covered.


Comprehensive customized guidelines for various possible channels and their characteristics for food & beverages and one selected EU country will be delivered for your chosen EU country.

These guidelines will help you identify numerous channels, potential business models, and partnership strategies. The guidelines are also very helpful in improving your strategies for entering foreign markets, as well as in the phase of preparing marketing and communication strategies. Lastly, the guidelines and recommendations will enhance your decision-making regarding channel selection and diversity, while also optimizing your time usage.

As part of this service package, you will also receive:

  • 3 hours of additional online consultations. These consultations can be scheduled at any time within three months after receiving the written guidelines, but on a chosen date/time by prior arrangement with us.
  • Access to our online community.

Upon receiving your payment, we will forward a brief questionnaire to you. In this questionnaire, you will select the country and provide other essential information. Following your mandatory responses to the questionnaire, we will organize the first online meeting. Subsequently, the preparation of guidelines will commence, accompanied by the option for information exchange or brief online meetings during the guideline preparation process.

Delivery of the guidelines will occur within 3 weeks in PDF and/or other eformat . The online consultation, totaling 3 hours, is to be conducted via pre-scheduled Zoom meetings, with a maximum duration of 3 hours in one session or divided into smaller consulting slots (e.g., 3 x 1 hour). These sessions will be available during the three-month period following the delivery of the guidelines.

Please take a note:

  • The pricing is applicable to one EU country and is specific for food & beverages, however raw ingredients, non-packed food (e.g. fresh vegetable, fruits, sea food, meat and similar) are not covered in the guidelines. Orders for additional EU countries within the same product group will receive a 50% discount.
  • If you are uncertain about the coverage of these guidelines and their applicability to your business, please consult with us before purchasing and book a free online appointment.
  • Non-UK buyers can contact us for further instructions.