Enhancing Operational Efficiency in Business with AI Tools


The purpose of the webinar is to present AI tools and techniques for integrating artificial intelligence into everyday business operations.

Lecturer: Irena Rezec
Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: Online (using Zoom)

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The purpose of the webinar is to present AI tools and techniques for integrating artificial intelligence into everyday business operations. This includes generating articles for your website, digital newspapers, presentations, offers, and more. Using artificial intelligence to describe your products on your website or online store is also highly recommended. Artificial intelligence can optimize text by incorporating relevant keywords, improve visibility in online search engines, and can also enhance marketing and sales effectiveness. It is very effective in assisting with the development of business, marketing, export, communication, and other strategies. Additionally, artificial intelligence excels in providing exceptional text translations into various languages.

The training will systematically demonstrate the use of artificial intelligence tools in five areas of business:

  • Artificial intelligence for content generation in everyday business practices;
  • Artificial intelligence for marketing and sales departments;
  • Artificial intelligence for project teams and project management;
  • Artificial intelligence for eCommerce;
  • Artificial intelligence for research and strategy.

Why should you attend the webinar?

  • You will gain insights into practical applications of artificial intelligence in your everyday business practices, including content creation for websites, online blogs and magazines, company or product presentations, preparing offers, and translating texts into different languages.
  • You will receive comprehensive written materials to support your learning.
  • You will receive a certificate confirming successful completion of the training.
  • You will gain access to a regularly updated list of tools and examples of prompts from the fields of content generation, marketing and sales, eCommerce, research & strategies, and project management.
  • You will significantly reduce the time spent on writing diverse text and documents by at least 60% with the acquired knowledge.
  • You will receive a 6 months free access to our online community “Digital Challenges,” where we will continue to share and promote the dissemination of information and knowledge.

The AI usage is easy and can be learned by anyone without prior knowledge.

The purpose of this 2.5-hour webinar is to teach you how to use artificial intelligence in your everyday work, with a special focus on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to AI Tools for Content Creation
    In the introductory session, we will offer an overview of readily available AI tools designed for daily use by business users. The session will highlight the importance of leveraging AI in content creation to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses. Additionally, we will also discuss guidelines for the safe and responsible use of AI tools.
  2. The process of creating multilingual content with the help of artificial intelligence through examples
    Presented examples will encompass various aspects, including the preparation of multilingual articles, company website texts, product descriptions, offers, draft contracts, and more.
  3. The process of creating multilingual texts for different needs with the help of artificial intelligence through examples
    AI tools assist in structuring, organizing, and refining content of the project’s or other documentation to ensure utmost clarity and coherence. During the webinar, practical examples will be presented to illustrate their effectiveness in practice.
  4. The process of creating project and development-strategic or other documents.
  5. Q&A
  6. Final thoughts and recommendations


Please note:

  • If you are interested in a customized internal online training session for your organization, please contact us, and we will provide you with a training proposal tailored to your needs.