Online Holistic Systemic Business Insights


Gain comprehensive systemic insights into the hidden dynamics of relationships that may impact the success of a company, individual products, or specific markets.


Our systemic business insights integrate our experience in strategic management and business development with the methodologies of organizational systemic constellations and quantum field theory. The goal is to introduce a holistic approach to complement widely established and utilized strategic management tools. Our systemic business insights are easily executable, efficient, and cost-effective. We recommend them to the founders, owners, senior management, and leadership of companies that are in the phase of restructuring, facing a crisis, before a significant investment in development, prior to entering new and more demanding markets, before merging with another company, before a change in ownership, before the replacement of key management personnel, or during the phase of making other critical decisions.

A method of systemic business insights helps gain a deeper understanding of the current situation inside or outside the organization or company. In doing so, we consider the hidden dynamics of relationships, individual interests, conflicts, and the causes of the existing situation. The method also aids in seeking new solutions, as through the simulation of possible scenarios and decisions, we can observe how leadership scenarios and decisions consequently impact interpersonal relationships and the future success of the business.

We recommend this online package of holistic business insights to everyone facing constellations for the first time or even to those who occasionally encounter challenges and are already familiar with systemic constellations or our method of systemic insights. This method will provide a solution to your key question or issue, while also indicating whether your current situation involves more complex and multidimensional challenges. For comprehensive resolution and insight, multiple systemic business insights sessions may be necessary, possibly even with live execution on your, our or any other pre-agreed location. In such a case, this online session will be followed by our offer, including a scenario of recommended subsequent systemic business insights sessions and consulting.

After receiving the payment, we will contact you and offer available consultation appointment schedules. The work progresses through several stages, namely:

  • Preparation – based on the client’s question, issue, or vision, we develop a plan for the execution of the business systemic insights (duration: approximately 1 hour via an initial online meeting with the client);
  • Execution of the systemic insights (duration: typically 1 to 2 hours online);
  • Analysis of the obtained insights (duration: up to 1 hour via an online meeting with the client);
  • Potential proposal or offer (if needed) with a scenario for further systemic insights sessions. All potential further sessions are subject to a new offer and additional agreement with the client.

Please take a note:

  • If you are uncertain about the systemic insights purpose and method, please consult with us before purchasing and book a free online introductory call.
  • We conduct holistic systemic insights for individual organizations or specific leadership teams within an organization or company. In doing so, we respect the confidentiality of the data and information obtained from the client during the implementation of systemic insights. Upon the client’s request, we can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Individual organizations or companies incorporate systemic business insights into their annual event programmes or team-building activities. If you would like to integrate our method into your live event, please contact us to exchange more details, based on which we can prepare a customized offer for you.
  • Non-UK buyers can purchase this service from our WOPROMS International shop.



I have attended systemic constellations several times. Each time, I gained insight into the situation that I did not expect, as the dynamics of situations and individual relationships among stakeholders, as seen in the constellations, were not apparent to me within our familiar framework of space and time. The process reminds me subtly of quantum physics, where particles can be entangled across distances, influencing each other in unpredictable ways. It’s as if the constellations tap into a sort of organizational entanglement, revealing the hidden dynamics that affect our business interactions and decisions.
The psychological component of the constellations can also not be overstated. The depth of introspection and the subconscious connections that emerge resonate with psychological theories about the human mind’s ability to perceive beyond what is immediately visible. This psychological insight, combined with the metaphoric insights from quantum physics, creates a powerful lens through which we can examine and solve complex business challenges.
In the business world, an accurate picture of the situation is crucial, as it shortens the path to decision-making and resolution. I highly recommend the systemic business insights provided by Irena Rezec as one of the additional management and leadership tools, particularly in situations requiring decisions on significant strategies and actions, or when problems are accumulating, and the root cause is difficult to identify. Delving into the quantum and psychological underpinnings of our professional interactions through this method has been profoundly transformative for me.

Sonja Logar, Founder and Director of FAZA.S